10th Kagyu Monlam in Indonesia 2018

<p>Borobudur, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia</p>
<p><br /> Thanks to the Three Jewels and all the prayers of the teachers, because of their blessings for the 10th Kagyu Monlam in Indonesia; the event has been successfully done in Borobudur temple. This year Triyana Dharma Centre and Erdi Karmapa Center especially strove to give their best in celebration of ten years of the Indonesian Kagyu Monlam, with various memorable events. <br /> <br /> The 10th Kagyu Monlam Indonesia was led by Drupon Dechen Rinpoche and was attended by 127 sangha members and 335 participants from Indonesia and abroad (Germany, Barcelona, Spain, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan). 180 local villagers from Boyolali and Temanggung also attended. The location for Indonesian Kagyu Monlam 2018 was on the area of ​​Lumbini-zona 2, Borobudur Temple.<br /> <br /> People began to erect the large Monlam pavilion, 40 x 25 meters on Saturday, May 5, 2018 and worked on for 5 days to decorate the it. Bathing buddha altar, His Holiness Karmapa’s throne, 10 large tormas, 8 medium tormas and 16 small tormas were arranged on the altar table that had been made and prepared. This year it was larger than the previous monlam and included a Kangyur and Tengyur altar, altar o fthe 23 auspicious symbols, and a light offering altar.<br /> <br /> Participant registration beganon May 8th at the secretariat of Kagyu Monlam - Manohara Hotel for lay participants and the Pondok Tingal hotel for Sangha.</p>
<p>The First Day of the Monlam<br /> <br /> The first day's events began with a procession of Sangha from the Manohara Hotel to the Monlam pavilion and the enthronement of the image of His Holiness Karmapa. The event continued with puja riwo, a brief explanation of the sojong vow and taking 8 precepts by the Sangha and lay participants. The event continued with the distribution of sweet rice and milk tea to all participants and the first session ended with the bathing of the Buddha image and reciting aspiration prayers.<br /> <br /> In the after breakfast session, the Indonesian Kagyu Monlam event was officially opened by the Director General of Buddhism of Indonesia, Mr. Caliadi and his staff. The opening ceremony began with a welcome speech from the monlam committee, followed by a welcome speech by the head of Borobudur Conservation Department and ended with a speech from the Director General of Buddhism of Indonesia and the Indonesian tradition of licking the java “gong” as a sign that the 10th Indonesia Kagyu Monlam had officially opened. This was followed by the distribution of 100 packs of daily necessities which were symbolically handed over to poor people, who stay around the Borobudur temple, and the gift of souvenirs to the guests and officers. Invited guests and officers along with Drupon Dechen Rinpoche also released birds and planted Bodhi tree as a symbol that Kagyu Monlam Indonesia supports the movement of environmental conservation.<br /> <br /> In the session after the lunch break, the event continued with mandala offerings, recitation of aspiration prayers and pradaksina. The first day's event ended at 6 pm and concluded with the announcement of the names of the 150 lucky participants for the Kangyur procession.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The Second Day of the Monlam<br /> <br /> The second day's event begins at 05.00AM with puja riwo, taking 8 precepts vow by the Sangha and lay participants and reciting the aspiration prayers. This year, a special feature is some sangha members from Rumtek monastery made bhale cake (traditional Tibetan cake), the cake was colored with the Monlam symbol and distributed for 2 days(second and third day) to all Monlam participants after they had taken the sojong vow, accompanied by milk tea.</p>
<p>In the second session, the Kangyur procession was held by all Sangha and 150 selected participants with pradaksina around Borobudur temple. After the procession wasover, the Kangyur was recited by the all sangha and there were mandala offerings. After the lunch break, the program continued with puja for the deceased and the dedication of virtue to all living beings.</p>
<p>The Third Day of Monlam<br /> <br /> The third day's events began at 5.00am with puja riwo, taking the 8 precepts, and reciting the aspiration prayers. It continued with a group photo with the magnificent Borobudur Temple as background. <br /> <br /> During the second session,, the participants prepared to carry out the 16 Arhats procession. Sixteen members of the Sangha , wearing the 16 arhat costumes, processed from the Manohara Hotel to the Monlam pavilion. The entrance pathway to the pavilion was decorated by beautiful images of the eight auspicious symbols and the Kagyu Monlam symbol, made of various kinds of flowers arranged on a red carpet. After the procession entered the Monlam pavilion and the recitation of short prayers, the 16 Arhat procession left and was replaced by 16 members of the Sangha . Participants were able to make food offerings. The afternoon session began with mandala offerings, and continued with the puja of auspiciousness, thanks to the sponsors and the distribution of the tsog offering. The third day of the puja ended with dedications katag waving, as a symbol of blessing.</p>
<p>The Fourth Day of the Monlam<br /> <br /> The Fourth Day program began at 08.30am. Drupon Dechen Rinpoche gave a short teaching on and bestowed an Amitayus abhiseka to all Monlam participants.</p>
<p>In the Afternoon Session, the 10 years celebration of Indonesian Kagyu Monlam started at 2.30pm. It with the singing of the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya, by the committee and then all participants stood.. The event continued with the traditional dance "Mugi Rahayu" which symbolises sincerity and success. The next event was a choir, where all the members wore Tibetan costumes, presented by Erdi Karmapa Center Jakarta.<br /> <br /> The event continued with the "Ksetrapala Dance" performed by Rumtek Monastery-Sikkim for approximately 1 hour. The chairman of the Indonesian Kagyu Monlam Committee gave a speech of welcome, then the International Kagyu Monlam Representative gave a speech. There was a greeting by Drupon Dechen Rinpoche and it ended with a speech by His Holiness Karmapa 17th Ogyen Trinley Dorje.<br /> <br /> On the occasion of the 10th Indonesian Kagyu Monlam, the office of Tsurphu Labrang give an appreciation to the organizers who had helped organize Kagyu Monlam for years. And, the committee gave an appreciation to Drupon Dechen Rinpoche, and to all the lamas who contributed to the success of the 10th Indonesian Kagyu Monlam by helping to make torma and mandala, and the lama dance.</p>
<p>The Evening Session was the concluding events: marme monlam and pradaksina in Borobudur temple.</p>
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